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"They just don't make 'em like this anymore." 

San Francisdo Chronicle


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"The best songs are stories, and the best singers storytellers. Great singers can make you care about what they're feeling. You have a sense of knowing them." - Steve Ross

The "Crown Prince of New York Cabaret" -- that's what the The New York Times called Steve Ross some 20 years ago. He hasn't lost his title yet. In fact, the only change today would be dropping "New York", for in the past decade, Steve Ross has performed around the country and around the world, in every kind of venue, from cabarets, to theaters, to Carnegie Hall, to the Cabaret Convention.

Steve sings and plays piano in symphony halls, festivals, and intimate boites. An articulate man, with a keen knowledge of popular American music and its history, he has hosted radio series and outdoor concerts. In addition, he volunteers his time to "Hearts and Voices", a voluntary organization where artists contribute their time and talent to AIDS patients.

"So much of cabaret is about love. It's the emotion we're always trying to be reminded of most of all."

A Steve Ross show is as sure as you'll get to a guaranteed sell-out. Maybe that's because he appreciates his audience as much as they enjoy his talent. And it shows.  

 "The highest thing people can say about an artist is, 'You know, I felt he or she was singing right to me.' If you've got the goods, and you're honest, that's where the thrill comes in, because of the urgency of the people really feeling what they feel. It's right there." - Steve Ross

- Elizabeth Ahlfors

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