For Steve's Fans

  "One performer I am very fond of is Steve Ross."
Ray Evans, Los Angeles , CA.
(lyricist of such Oscar-winning songs as "Mona Lisa," "Buttons and Bows," "Que Sera, Sera.")

Your experiences and comments about favorite
Steve Ross
performances are appreciated.

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"I am so TOUCHED by the sweet letters.
In true Joan Crawford style, I'd like to respond to them...Thanks again,

Steve Ross"

“Mr. Ross - or it should be Steve after the intimate love songs you sang to ME yesterday at the memorial. We really loved you, your songs and the way you "told" the stories to us. Thank you so much for the glamor you added to my already wonderfully glamorous life!!! ” JH

“ Just want to thank you for your generous and wonderful gift of your delightful treat for my girlfriend's mother for her 104th birthday. She thoroughly enjoyed every number that you performed... as did we all. In my many years, I have only really spoken to two celebrities. Henry Fonda was one... when I was a carpenter on Fire Island and met him on the dock while we both waited for the ferry across the Great South Bay to Sayville. You are the second.... at the Rodney's. It was a pleasure and an honor. Wishing you good health and good fortune in your future endeavors.” Guy S.

“The enjoyment we experienced at Steve's performance of Noel Coward at the Arts Club of Washington was exceeded only by the pleasure of his company at the dinner following the performance. Viva cabaret, viva Steve Ross!” Richard M

“Just wanted to say how much my family enjoyed your show last night at the Crazy Coq nightclub. My husband and I heard you sing about 10 years ago at Pizza on the Park. We have always wanted to bring our teenagers to hear you, and we were not disappointed - they loved the show, too. Thank you for not being afraid to show romance and emotion. Its so rare nowadays to find someone who sings from the heart, like you do. Needless to say, there wasn't a dry eye in our corner of the room. It was really lovely.” Marietta and Daniel

“I played your CD and my cat Teddy has never curled himself entirely around a speaker before! You do rather purrrrrr, my dear Steve. We enjoyed every minute of your songs -- you are a masterful musician and performer, Steve, and we gave you the highest marks with Adventures Abroad and Smithsonian.” Jeanne & Steve W.

“I happen to be the bus driver who took 36 seniors to your wonderful show. Being 62 and growing up loving this style of music and performing, thank you for me and from them. They are from a Catholic Church in Latham, Blessed Assumption. Jokingly I was disappointed you hadn't actually sung "Don't Fence Me In". I know I learned it as a boy and recently have heard it on the XM 40's station by Bing and Andrew Sisters. Thank you again for for keeping this important music alive. Looking forward to attending again if you are in Capitol District again.” Ron M..

“Don't know if you'll remember me but I exchanged emails with you last autumn and told you how much my wife and I enjoy your music. Tonight I was listening to some of your songs and just thought I'd write and say hello and thanks again for the great music. "Old Friend" will always be my favorite by you but I truly love the way you sing "As Time Goes By". Best of luck to you and I hope you're having a great summer.” Steve J.

“I, first of all, wish to tell you how much I enjoyed seeing you on stage, and of being reminded of those more halcyon days of the past. I had just come from a weekend in the country where people were applauding the lyrics of Lady Gaga, so to hear you singing those truly poetic lines was affirmation that all is not lost.” Bill Y.

“I was amazed at your remarkable energy... to sustain interest alone for over one hour and one half is a feat that pales even the most marvelous and seasoned performer... I hope our paths do cross again. Best,” Michael H.

“Thanks for sending us your CD album. I've just listened to it in the car on the way up here to Roxbury, Ct., and couldn't have enjoyed it more. I loved the way you introduced several unfamiliar songs (i.e. CLOSE) and included the verses for almost everything. We all know what a distinguished composer Porter was, but you make it clear that his lyrics are equally special. - the internal rhymes, the nifty colloquialisms, the sense of fate as indicated by the "gods" or the "stars." Wonderful work by him - and you! So thanks again.” Pete and Molly

“Thank you so much for gracing the stage at Ten Chimneys this past weekend. I had a ball listening to your conversations for the first time, and will forever remember your words and lyrics.” Jessica R.

“In the words of the Queen......"my husband and I''.........were at Ten Chimneys this evening and wish to express our admiration and thanks for a lovely evening. To think that some of those songs are almost 80 years old, so beautiful and so touching. They really do tell a story that we all feel is unique to each and every one of us. My husband is now singing in the kitchen as I write, and is fondly reminiscing his audition piece for 'Phantom'. He sang a Sondheim number from Company 'being alive'. Fortunately he did not ever give up his day job... and even more fortunately for us, YOU did not give up yours. I've a feeling we've been awfully lucky to see you tonight. Guess what ?.......said husband is now at the ivories.” Jayne P.

“I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful Sunday afternoon of song. I have been a loyal fan since hearing the late great BBC broadcaster Benny Green praise you and play your recordings. Until the days of the internet and my discovery of the marvellous Dress Circle music shop I searched for ages for your live recording at the Algonquin, mainly I confess because I love Noel Coward and through Benny Green discovered "You Were There". What a treat when I finally did purchase it to have two Bonus tracks one being the heart wrenching "Just a Gigolo". I was so pleased when you included it yesterday afternoon. I now have in my CD collection Most of Every Day, I Won't Dance, Close and Travels with my Piano. I belong to the Stephen Sondheim Society and I was privileged to be in the audience for the American Song Book series of shows at the Jermyn Street Theatre earlier this year when you sang Sondheim of course, I loved it, but I do wonder how you really feel about his songs. You very kindly signed my programme and you said that you may be back in February with a new show. I look forward to that and thank you and Gregory Moore once again for a marvellous Sunday afternoon of music. All good wishes.” Marcia

“I am always a little tongue-tied when face-to-face with celebrities (as my friend from LI, Marshall, was not: he was appropriately gracious to you) but I did want to say a couple of things about your show: (1) The opening medley was fantastic: it stripped both songs of their possibly excessive characteristics; a medley in which each song is influenced by the other is rare indeed; (2) The ending of "Losing My Mind"--which song you rescued from banality--was dramatic without being melodramatic, another stroke of brilliance; (3) As for "Clowns": my guess is that you recognized you had to sing it (only a poseur would not in an all-Sondheim show) so you did what you could, which I thought really worked: (a) you separated it from the rest of the show; and (b) you inserted a not-often-heard bridge....I could go on (as Marshall and I did; he really enjoyed it--though he did nudge me at one point and say, "'Saturday Night' was revived by Second City, not Roundabout") but I wanted to say that most of all what I appreciated was the intelligence you brought to the proceeedings (which I guess you were aware of, since you asked the audience--I assume only half in jest--whether this was too much information for us to take in). And with that tux on you look remarkably like the guy on the poster! Best wishes,”  Jay

“ Tony and I have come to your Met Museum series...last night as a matter of fact and we could not have loved it more. To hear you and friends perform remains for me one of the great joys of life and one of the real textures of what being in NYC is all about. We both love learning about composers and lyricists as only you can instruct an audience! I hope that the next time you are in a cabaret setting you will let us know....and maybe we could see you after. You are still "playing the big rooms" after all of these years. Much love to you, hope to see you soon again. All the best, ”  Joyce

“ It was good to see you again on Sunday evening. Both my partner, David, and I enjoyed hearing you perform - you make us wish that we'd been born much sooner than we have -- when life was full of swank and the music, without a doubt, was SO much better. We continue to be grateful for your taking us OUT of the 21st century! Also, thank you for letting me know of your upcoming engagement at Feinstein's. I'm pleased that I was just able to secure a reservation for Sunday evening and very much look forward to seeing work your magic, again. Have a good show. ”  Chris

 “I'm a big fan of yours, and was delighted when I checked your website and found that you will be at the Pizza On The Park during Easter week.  My son Mark and I will be in London during that week, and we will definitely attend one of your performances.  I have been raving to him about your singing and playing. First saw you at William Paterson University in Wayne, New Jersey many years ago with your Fred Astaire act in top hat, white tie and tails.  Then a couple of years ago (or was it 3?) I was in London, and caught your act at Pizza On the Park.  (I especially liked "Bad for Me" the Cole Porter song.   Mark lives in Seattle, and I live in Middletown CT and we had arranged this father-son get together in London, and it is a real bonus that we can attend your performance.” - Sincerely, Bob Alexander

“What a extraordinary musician Steve Ross is. It was the phrasing and the keyboard work, and what a wonderful lesson to watch. All the musicians were excellent. I wish I could go watch and learn every night. I want to re-hear the accompaniment, because it often sounded dark, adding dimension to the music that was so unique. Hopefully, I can.  

Is it possible to find the music for The Dolphins Song? I am always looking for material, and this is the sort of thing I do. (My friend whispered to me, "That's your song, Mary.") My heart sank when I saw it was from a "work in progress", and neither Pockriss nor Croswell seem to have Web sites. I can try other routes, but I'm working off the energy of the show and like to get going as soon as I find a good song.  

 I do comic material like this in my own shows, and this would work for the show I'm planning for February at Danny's Skylight Room. If you can help me, thank you. If not, understood. In the meantime, I am so happy I came to see the show. Seeing such excellent work makes me know it's possible to reach high standards and so important to keep working hard and that this way of entertainment is perhaps the most intimate and unique of all. Thank you, Mary

“I met Steve I believe at the far end of 1970 or early 1971, must have been his earlier job in NYC at a piano bar, I heard him once and that was that I started visiting that piano bar at least twice a week all the way from Brooklyn's Borough Park to uptown Manhattan. It was obvious from the beginning that he would achieve well deserved recognition; he's a master of the piano and of his own arrangements of the repertoire he so cleverly puts together and delivers in that unique Steve Ross' way.  I followed from afar more or less his climbing of the ladder; I visited him at the Algonquin, Backstage, saw him  playing for Julie Wilson in Soho and through articles in entertaiment pages of newspapers and magazines. I was so very glad to have met again  him a few weeks ago outside Town Hall's cabaret convention and be able to exchange greetings with him after so  many years. I just saw his new act at the 59e59 theater and he was marvelous as always.  Happy Birthday Steve!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Dec.8).”   - Walter

“Last night I went to the 45th Street Theater and saw Steve Ross and Company remember Fred Ebb.  It was very enjoyable.  I have seen Steve before and knew I would enjoy it.  This time I brought along my niece (age 44) and she had never seen any cabaret acts.  She was thrilled at seeing such talent in such a small room.  Thanks for a great show.  I am sure Fred would have enjoyed it.  When the show was over Steve announced he had a new job but I didn't get the information of the when and where.” Pat R., 2004

"Steve Ross's new show at the FireBird is best yet. He is epitome of sophistication, but also heart." Mara Dee, Manhasset, NY.

"My Dear Friend - With all the searching for my new project, I come upon your web page. What a wonderful joy. Life is wonderful here in California. I think of you often and hope that you are doing well. If you have a chance, drop me an e-mail and then we'll have another nice long conversation - about all the "other" artists." Bill H, CA

"I finally got my own computer and have been reading your wonderful web pages of Steve Ross' accomplishments. I think you have done a magnificent job for him. A few months ago I sent him a letter that I had hoped would be included in his "fans" spot, for which he responded with a lovely thank you note. (I'm an avid fan of his)... Again, congratulations on your fine web pages. They do him justice!" Rhoda M., NY

"Steve--Are you ever coming to the Bay Area? We talked to you after your show at Pizza in the Park in London in '95, and we're the people who live two blocks from your friend in San Mateo, CA. Also, we plan to come to New York in May or June and hope to catch you at the Firebird. But San Francisco really needs you. I think the problem is probably venue....The Plush Room is the major cabaret venue, and it really isn't great. Also, we are from Tucson, and we still connect with the Invisible Theatre and Susan Classen and notice you are going there in April. She has done a great job with that theatre. Keep us on your mailing list ." Jack Frakes

"Steve, I'm not sure if you remember me. I recorded you in St. Louis, and you gave me tickets to your show, and we had drinks afterword. Great show. Anyway, I've just debuted my second one man show, and would love to send you a tape...It runs 65 minutes - comedy, drama, dance. Would you like to see it? Thanks," Jamie M.

"Don't put off Steve Ross' current show at the FireBird Cafe. This was the first time I saw his show, and it was memorable. The witty, sophisticated songs of Noel Coward and Cole Porter are so beautifully articulated that the listener never misses a word. Hopefully, I can pay a return visit to the FireBird before he leaves, but if not, I'll make a definite reservation for his next time in New York." Marie D., Long Island.

"I first heard Steve Ross on Radio 2 in this country. I was very impressed, and when he came to play at London's Pizza On The Park I was down like a flash to hear him. He was great and, as a singer-pianist myself, I found his artistry really something to aspire to. He is also a truly kind and supportive person. Graham Wellard, England.

"Very sorry to have missed your show last month here in D.C. Just tried to reach my brother, and spoke to your sister. She told me to look up your web site, which I did. I like it; I like it!... I would have love to have known you throughout your artistic ride all these years... I just wanted to get in touch, and hope to hear back from you if you have time...Cheers, and take care." D.A. Ross, Washington, DC

"During my May visit to New York, I went with friends to the FireBird Cafe to hear Steve Ross. I knew of his work and had seen him perform before, but once again, found him fresh and peerless in his performance. I was also glad to see he had a new CD out, "Hooray for Love", which I bought. The FireBird Cafe is also a great new cabaret room, small and elegant." Marvin Weiner, Los Angeles

"Although we live in far northern California, we are not so uncouth as not to have heard of the playing and patter of the inimitable, ineffable Steve Ross. Thank you so much for the website and for all the information about our idol. The only criticism we have is that we found no music clips on your website. Please consider that improvement. Then more of the world will know how way cool this dude is." Mary and Jeff Bobbitt and Betty Bermingham Stevens, the story teller.

"Steve Ross is always welcome in Norwich, UK, and we look forward to his return visit on May 14th and 15th at The Assembly House. Two great shows on two nights and he will undoubtedly shine again." Chris Bailey 

"Steve! We are very proud of you at Georgetown University as an alumnus of high achievement! Congratulations also, on your impressive website. Let's hope someone in Washington will have the good sense to offer you an engagement you can't refuse in the near future!" Donn B. Murphy, Senior Professor of Theatre, Art, Music & Theatre Department, Georgetown University

"Dear Steve, Just a few lines to say how much I've enjoyed your work. You are one of my favorite performers." Sincerely, Keenan Patrick P., Los Angeles, Ca. 

"Planning to come to New York in the next few months, and we're looking forward to seeing Steve Ross again. What's his schedule for the spring and summer?" Ian and Maureen Dyson, Edinburgh, Scotland.

"Just checked out your web page -- Fantastic -- Super job -- commendations to you always, and to your web pager this time. All my love." Rosalyn B.

  "Steve Ross always has a terrific show. He has a sense of style and a sense of humor. I am also impressed with the interesting information that's always part of his Cole Porter shows. And now, after seeing the Fred Astaire show, I've been listening to Fred Astaire and can appreciate his singing as well. I'm looking forward to Steve's next performance." Jenny Louis, Albany, New York.

"Just saw  Steve in St. Louis. It was wonderful!!!" Lucia Horn & Anita Velloff, St. Louis. Mo.

"I was really glad to see the Steve Ross webpage. I remember Steve Ross from the Backstage in the early '80's. A friend of mine and I went when we were graduating from college, and when the cab stopped in front of the club, we heard laughter and singing and piano music. Of course, we went inside and there was this dapper, smiling young man at the piano. Everyone was having a great time, and so we settled in, and it was one of those fun nights we'll always remember." Kate (and old pal, Jean), NYC.

"Early this year I was able to spend more time in New York, and I was able to see some cabaret shows. Two very different shows, but both with extremely talented performers, were Steve Ross, and Baby Jane Dexter (Not together. In separate shows.)...Steve Ross was singing Cole Porter songs at the 92 St. Y, and he was perfect. I am giving his CD of Cole Porter songs to friends for Christmas...I wish both performers would come to Philadelphia." Molly M, Philadelphia, PA.

"I am a huge Cole Porter fan, and there is no one quite like Steve Ross. I am looking forward to the "I Won't Dance! Fred & Cole," show in Minneapolis, MN. I was wondering if you could forward me information on the other shows that Steve will be performing to Cole Porter's music." Martha A. Mueller, Minneapolis, MN.

"We stop in to see Steve Ross whenever we're in New York or near London's Pizza In The Park". Ian and Maureen Dyson, Edinburgh, Scotland.

"I saw Steve Ross's opening night at Rainbow & Stars this year, and I was truly entertained. I had heard a lot about Steve Ross through the years, and now having seen him, I know what everyone was raving about. He is an entertainer for sure. He captured the audience with his flair, his songs, his piano playing and stylish looks, just to mention a few. All of the singers who were with him, shared the light. They all sang well, and kept the audience at attention. For a moment I actually felt I was in a Fred Astaire movie. Thank you Steve Ross. I am your fan. Musically yours," Marjorie Glover, New York City